Vision Statement


                 Chabad of Dumbo: Building a Bridge from the past to the future


Through innovative educational programming, interactive art installations, and a dedication to tradition, Chabad of Dumbo is rejuvenating and reinvigorating Jewish life in downtown Brooklyn. Our aim is to introduce the beauty, meaning, and spiritual vitality that is inherent to Judaism - but has been lost in the shift of Jewry to North America. This will be accomplished through several different mediums which can be categorized into three broad focuses; Children’s Programming, Adult Education, and Art.


Children’s Programs:


Children are the bridge and guarantee for the future - so much so that in their merit alone was the Torah given to the Jewish people. With this in mind it is our priority to develop and offer a vigorous program of exciting and fun educational programming which will give children a solid grasp of their heritage, give them an understanding of Jewish values, and sew the seeds of authentic spiritual meaning. These programs will include: Weekday Children’s Playgroup’s, Tot Shabbat’s, and a Hebrew School.


Adult Education:


Our goal is to break stereotypes, dogma, and dry habitual tradition. Through inviting questions, encouraging discussion/discovery, and learning from authentic source material; participants will be able to explore the deep wisdom of our heritage which gives guidance, meaning, and explanation to our modern lives. This will be accomplished by a broad range of courses ranging from skill instruction of the Hebrew language to Kabbalah/Mysticism; from Jewish Medieval Philosophy to Meditation and Body-movement.  These courses will be taught by the staff of Chabad of Dumbo as well as a wide spectrum of expert guest speakers. To create an environment of openness, exploration and discovery the Chabad House will be designed in part as a café. It will be furnished with low couches, coffee tables, and lounge chairs; as well as being stocked with a large library of English books and wireless internet access to create an ambiance which will be warm and inviting as opposed to sterile and imposing. Classes and presentations will be held in the café/lounge in the evenings and be open during the day allowing people to stop in for a cup of coffee, explore a topic of their choice, or have a chat with one of our qualified and knowledgeable staff.    


Interactive Art Installation: Celebrating the Creative Process


Through a series of art installations and presentations in different mediums including 2-Dimensional Media such as Drawing and Painting, Photography as well as Video and Performance we will discuss and analyze the principles of creativity used to make the installation. Participants will then learn the process of creation used by G‑d to create the world as described by the Kabbalistic Masters and Jewish Philosophers; and discuss the parallels which exist between the two. (This illustrates the Jewish Axiom that mankind is created in G‑d’s image and therefore have similar traits.) The installations will provide a meaningful and familiar metaphor for participants to delve into and understand the relationship the Creator has with the world; and serve as an innovative and welcoming introduction to Jewish Mysticism. These work shops, classes, openings, and performances will be presented by local Artists, University Professors, Acclaimed Authors, and known Art Critics.