Your child's first years can be the most joyous of his or her life. At The Dumbo Gan we capture this joy, encouraging your child to observe the world around, and express themselves in a variety of ways. Children need to touch, feel, explore, analyze, investigate and experience. Through active participation, learning goes beyond knowing to experiencing.

In Proverbs, 22:6, it is written: "Educate a Child according to his way, so even when he grows old he shall not depart from it." We believe that children have different styles of learning and we prepare educational experiences to cater to these various learning styles. This enables each and every child to be a part of the current theme by participating in his/her own way.

Our classes are conducted in a warm and friendly environment that fosters learning and creative expression. In our program, we utilize an extensive supply of early childhood toys, games and manipulatives to give our children the hands-on experiences that they will need to expand their imaginations, as well as to develop their motor skills. Every child is encouraged to learn and absorb to the utmost of his/her own ability and is not expected to perform as their peers.